We are able to create bespoke workshops to fit into your programmes, and we also offer the below 'menu' of tried and tested sessions. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more!

Animated Flickbooks

All ages; drop in workshop

We provide 12-frame flick books and help participants to create basic drawn looping animations. The Filmspot team then scan the flick books frame-by-frame and insert them into a timeline, to create animated loops. Participants can also create single drawn backgrounds for the Filmspot team to superimpose the animations onto.

Doodle on Film

All ages, drop in workshop

The Filmspot team work with participants to create an animated film by doodling, using opaque chalk pens, over the top of printed frames - taken from an existing film or specially created footage. The 'doodled' frames are then scanned by the Filmspot team and reinserted into the film timeline, creating vibrant, lively animations.

Glowing Animations

Older children, young people and adults; timed session workshop (approximately 90 minutes)

Participants create a stop motion 'line drawing' animation, by bending a glowing 'El-Wire' into shapes, which are photographed frame-by-frame.

Video coming soon!

Pixelation animation

Older children, young people and adults; timed session workshop (approximately 60-90 minutes)

A fun, active workshop where participants work together to create a large-scale artwork within a venue using found items. Once the artwork is complete, participants and the Filmspot team create an animation by moving elements of the artwork, and photographing it frame-by-frame.

Shadow Puppetry

All ages; drop in

The Filmspot team provide a screen and ready-made shadow puppets for a variety of fairytales. A camera is left filming a screen lit from behind, and participants are invited to try some silent story-telling using the shadow puppets. The footage is then edited into a short film.
Filmspot can also run additional 'booked session' workshops so that participants can create their own shadow puppets.

Video coming soon!

Cut out animations

All ages; timed session workshop (can be run as 2 x 60 minute sessions or a 90 minute session)

In this two-part workshop session participants create their own cut out animation puppets, using coloured paper and pens, and then work with a Filmspot team member to bring their puppets to life through rostrum stop-motion animation on a green screen. The Filmspot team can edit footage using green-screen techniques to superimpose participants' animations onto different backgrounds.

Video coming soon!

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