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We are able to create bespoke workshops to fit into your programmes, and we also offer the below 'menu' of tried and tested sessions. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more!

Animated Flickbooks

All ages; drop-in workshop

We provide 12-frame flick books and help participants to create basic drawn looping animations. The Filmspot team then scan the click books frame-by-frame and demonstrate 'cleaning up' artwork backgrounds, and inserting them into a timeline to create animated loops. At previous workshops, participants have also created simple drawn backgrounds for the Filmspot team to superimpose the animations onto.

(example left from workshop at The Crypt, Seaford)

Doodle on Film

All ages; drop-in workshop

The Filmspot team work with partipants to create an animated film by doodling, using opaque chalk pens, over the top of printed frames - taken from an existing film or specially created footage. The 'doodled' frames are then scanned by the Filmspot team and reinserted into the film timeline, creating vibrant, lively animations.

(example left from workshop at Fabrica, Brighton)


Glowing Animations

8 years+; timed session workshop (90 minutes)

Participants create a stop-motion 'line drawing' animation, by moving glowing 'El-Wire' to create shapes, which are photographed frame-by-frame.

(video from Fabrica workshop, coming soon)

Pixilation Animation

8 years+; timed session workshop (60 - 90 minutes)

Participants work together to create a large-scale artwork within a venue, using found items, or pre-prepared materials. Once the artwork is complete, participants and the Filmspot team work together to create an animation by moving elements of the artwork, and photographing it frame-by-frame.


Cut out/ Shadow Puppet Animations

All ages; drop in or timed session workshop

Participants create cut out animation puppets (or shadow puppets), using cardboard and pens, with split pin joints. They then bring their puppet to life either using a rostrum stop motion set up or filmed shadow puppetry. If using a rostrum set up, the workshop can be extended to use a green screen technique to superimpose the animations onto different backgrounds. 

(Video coming soon)

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