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Filmspot was established in 2009, presenting pop up screenings of films in unusual venues. In this section you will find brief details of a small selection of our screenings over the past 8 years.

Media OS 5.1 with Partial Facsimile

March 2017
We were delighted to work with Partial Facsimile, to present their performance MEDIA OS 5.1 - a multi-media performance in 5.1 surround sound, at Fabrica Brighton. The piece explored the present over consumption of digital information and its entertaining, yet beguiling effects on human behavior. It also addressed the consequences that an oppressive society has upon the modern day worker. The audience were encouraged to interact with the performance using their Smartphones or Tablets.

Screenings at Newhaven Fort

2009 - 2016

In many ways, Newhaven Fort feels like home to Filmspot - we launched the pop up cinema project here with two special Hallowe'en screenings in 2009 - Frankenstein and The Devil's Backbone. Since then we have presented a wide range of screenings at this fascinating war museum, including events for families, such as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and ET, to specialist history films such as The Great White Silence, The Battle of the Somme and a special anniversary screening of The Dambusters. 

CMPCA Community Film Screenings

November 2014 - December 2016

Since 2014, we have enjoyed running regular community cinema screenings for the Clifton Montpelier Powis Community Alliance in the community hall at St Michael's Church in central Brighton. Films have included The Great White Silence, King Hearts and Coronets, An American in Paris, It Happened One Night, La Belle Et La Bete, Night of the Hunter, Parapluies de Cherbourg and A Matter of Life and Death. Rachel Cunningham, Co-Director of Filmspot, gives brief introductions with some insight into the films, from influences and historical context to on-set anecdotes. 

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